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Stereotype, Prejudice, and Discrimination
Origin of the term "stereotype", what is prejudice , and how it leads to discrimination against Muslim Women.

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Khizar Hayat | Reply 11.05.2013 03.05

Its a great initiative and I would surely contribute for it

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03.12 | 20:32

Excellent Hanan! Deep, thoughtful and truthful... I like how it meanders from one specific set of stories to stories told by the universe.

03.12 | 06:03

Reading is after all a very good hobby, it increases the mind knowledge. The beauty of language appears, and its mystery prevailed. That is why Arabic is great.

25.08 | 21:37

Hi Ashley can you please cite what chapter and verse you are referring to?

25.08 | 18:30

@Ashley, killing in self defence is even forgiven, if I am not mistaken under the US constitution. Now you are making a serious allegation against a religion.

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